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Notes on Territory: Meditation
Notes on Territory: Meditation
mixed media installation

Notes on Territory: Meditation 1 is a site for audiences to research and reflect on the intersecting histories of abolition, architecture, and containment. Built to the same dimensions as the attic Harriet Jacobs’ lived in for 7 years on her journey from slavery to freedom (7’x9’x3’) with wood from the oldest Chicago housing project (Lathrop Homes), this crawl space is a lounge, a library, and a site of intermittent durational performances. Made in collaboration with Emily Winter / The Weaving Mill, Sofía Córdova, and Giau Truong. The Roman Susan installation was activated with performances from Lynn Hunter and Jay Carlon.

Installed 2019 at SITE/less Gallery, Chicago.
2022 at Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago.