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Embodied Sensation
Embodied Sensation
scores and performance in collaboration with Amanda Williams

Who has the freedom to move, and why? Who has never been free to move at all? In her participatory artwork Embodied Sensations, artist Amanda Williams considered these questions—and the transformation of both public and virtual space during the global pandemic. In collaboration with Amanda, I choreographed 64 movement scores in correspondence with the desires, fears, and concerns of those who would've liked to have visited the MoMA, but at the height of Covid 19 were unable. These scores were activated throughout the duration of the exhibit, both by members of the public and an ensemble of dancers (including Leslie Cuyjet, Jonathan Gonzalez, Angie Pittman, NIC Kay, Emilio Rojas, devynn emory, Jerron Herman, and Alicia Ohs).

Embodied Sensations ran from April - June 2021, and was activated numerous times throughout its duration.