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Future Supper, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Future Supper
Jessica Silverman Gallery
A shared meal between people of color. The offering to non-poc folks is to enjoy being present the myriad iterations of freedom people of color can engage in, without also demanding that white people have an unconditional right to any of the food themselv

Future Supper is an opportunity for protected political education and consciousness-raising over good food. A casual gathering of folks from an array of backgrounds and practices, Future Supper operates on three key principles:

• The future relies on white people being versed in the practice of de-centering themselves.

• The future relies on Black, Indigenous, and Brown folks and other people of color being versed in the practice of joyfully giving to and receiving from one another, perpetually recentering each other as individuals and as a collective through shared resources.

• Through Black, Indigenous, and Brown folks' and other people of color's stewardship, the future is abundant. The center includes all of us (and more of us) on the basis of nothing more than our innate and glimmering potential.